2016 Festival awards

Best Actor Male: Eamonn Smith (The Line Rehearsal).
Shortlisted: Michael Gleeson and Vinny O’Loughlin (both I Don’t Know).

Best Actor Female: Donna Ruane (The Line Rehearsal).
Shortlisted: Laoise McKeogh (Escaping the Fun House) and Mary Henry (Izzy).

Best Director: John Farragher (Izzy).
Shortlisted: Seamus Cafferkey (Sway) and Ken Armstrong (The Line Rehearsal)

Winning Script: Izzy by Nicola Keane
Runner-up: The Line Rehearsal by Ken Armstrong

Adjudicators’ Special Awards:

  • Anna Sammon (Lesbian experience that wasn’t – The Authoress)
  • Fiona Poole (Promising Young Actor – Sway)
  • John Farragher (Portrayal of gorilla – Fingers and Toesies)
  • Mary and Orlaith Henry (Harmony vocals – Izzy)
  • Red Card Players (for Costume – I Don’t Know)
  • Laoise McKeogh (for minimalism of set – Escaping The Funhouse)
  • Elizabeth Murphy (disinterested cameo in I Don’t Know)

Fringe Festival 2016 schedule

Tuesday March 15th
15 minutes after adjudication of main play in the Town Hall

A Test of Mettle
 by Stephen R Bond, Kentucky, USA
Director: James Garvey
I Don’t Know
 by James McLindon, Massachusetts, USA
Director: John Nolan

Wednesday March 16th
15 minutes after adjudication of main play in the Town Hall

 by Eamonn Dolan, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford
Director: Seamus Cafferky
The Authoress
 by Seth Freeman, California, USA
Director: Seamus Cafferky

Friday March 18th
15 minutes after adjudication of main play in the Town Hall

Escaping The Fun House
 by Tess Light, New Mexico, USA.

Director: Laoise McKeogh
 Nicola Kean, Claremorris, Co. Mayo.

Director: John Farragher

Saturday March 19th
15 minutes after adjudication of main play in the Town Hall

Fingers and Tosies
 by Rex McGregor, New Zealand
Director: Joan King
The Line Rehearsal
 by Ken Armstrong, Castlebar, Co. Mayo
Director: Ken Armstrong

2016 finalists chosen

The organising committee of the Claremorris Fringe Festival 2016 are pleased to announce that the following plays have been chosen as finalists for this year’s festival:

Title Playwright Address
A Test of Mettle Stephen R Bond Burgin, KY, USA.
Escaping The Fun House Tess Light New Mexico, USA.
Fingers and Tosies Rex McGregor Aukland, New Zealand.
Fourth Wall Syndrome Vishesh Abeyratne Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Henry’s Ear Rick Davis Jnr. Agusta, GA, USA
I Don’t Know James McLindon Northampton, MA, USA.
Izzy Nicola Kean Claremorris, Co. Mayo.
Sail Away Home Richie Heneghan Ballyhean, Co. Mayo.
Sway Eamonn Dolan Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.
The Authoress Seth Freeman Oalisades, CA, USA.
The Line Rehearsal Ken Armstrong Castlebar, Co. Mayo.
The One Thing That Makes You Feel Alive Paul Thompson Glossop, Derbyshire, UK